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BWT AQA Perla  


BWT AQA perla – silky-soft BWT ‘pearl’ water for increased wellbeing

Imagine turning on the tap and a gentle stream of silky-soft BWT ‘pearl’ water pours forth, stroking your hand, feeling pleasantly soft. Every shower and bath becomes a wellness experience. From there you slip swiftly into an incomparably fluffy bath robe, because your weekly washes will also become softer with silky-soft BWT ‘pearl’ water.

Main features:

  • Softening or partial softening, of potable and non-potable water, using the ion exchange process
  • Fully automatic duplex softening system - uninterrupted supply of soft water
  • Resin tank is automatically disinfected every regeneration to prevent bacteria from breeding
  • Multi-info touchscreen for maximum user-friendliness
  • Smart metering – consumption values always visible
  • Aqua Watch – alarm function for flagging unusual water consumption patterns
  • Economical regeneration due to precision salination
  • Storage capacity for 50kg of regeneration agents
  • All materials comply to strict German DVGW certification



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