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BWT Infinity A/AP  

BWT Infinity A/AP

BWT water filters think for themselves

It is not enough to simply install a water filter; in practice, drinking water filters deteriorate, often over a period of years, sometimes decades. While they are effective in retaining the contaminants that enter the water supply, after a period of use increasing amounts of unsightly substances enter the filter element, similar to the coffee dregs in a coffee filter bag. A filter contaminated in this way must be replaced. To prevent contamination, backwash filtration is recommended once a month to keep the filter clean.

The BWT Infinity A − a premium water filter that is automatically self-cleaning.

Main features:

  • Filtration of potable and non-potable water
  • Automatic backwash filtration (scheduled))
  • 2-phase high-performance backwashing (intervals set individually)
  • Impact-resistant transparent cylinder with filter element
  • Electronic controls, information display
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Waste water connection


The BWT Infinity AP premium water filter is automatically self-cleaning.

The BWT Infinity AP water filter also has a differential pressure controller. If the filter element becomes dirty before the next periodic backwash, the differential pressure controller triggers the backwash at a differential pressure of 0.8 bar.

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