Aquatherm Polyproylene-Random (PPR) pipe system has proved its excellent technical suitability in worldwide applications for more than 30 years and is highly recognized by experts as one of the most extensive and at the same time best plastic pipe systems. Aquatherm Green Pipe (Fusiotherm) is used in the field of hot and/or cold water. Aquatherm Blue Pipe (Climatherm) is used for industrial applications such as chilled water, condenser water and compressed air systems. Aquatherm Lilac Pipe is used in recycled/reclaimed water systems. Aquatherm pipe systems are made in Germany. 

Aquatherm Blue Pipe (Climatherm)

Aquatherm Blue Pipe (Climatherm) SDR 7.4 MF / SDR 11 MF


Aquatherm Blue Pipe (Climatherm) SDR 17.6 MF